Bitcoin Lottery time!!

I am going to start a Bitcoin Lottery, rules are simple!

  1. Each entry costs 0.01 BTC
  2. Open to as many entries as you want
  3. All entries will be recorded on this site in a list publicly visible show Wallet address of entrant.
  4. Ounce your entry fee is received your address will be published alongside a number in the order you entered.
  5. on January 31st 2018 at 10PM NZST I will make the draw with a random number tool and the associated Wallet address will be deemed to have won.
  6. All entries will be maintained in a single wallet address and payment will be made from that address.


Prizes will be as follows.

There will be 1 prize and that will be decided based on the number of entrants

A minimum of 25 entrants is needed to push the prize pool to 0.25 BTC

A minimum of 50 entrants are needed to push the prize pool to 0.5 BTC

A minimum of 100 Entrants required for a 1 BTC prize pool.


All entries to be made through my Twitter feed.